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2001 Christmas Skate With The Hitmen - December 11, 2001

I had an awesome time at the Hitmen Christmas party. Getting to meet all the players was a totally excellent thrill! And holy smokes are some of them TALL! I felt like the freakin' Christmas Elf standing beside some of them! Merry Christmas Hitmen!

Jody on the Ribbon!
Jody on "the Ribbon"...

Click here for a 360-degree panoramic view of the Saddledome rink from centre ice.

Johnny Boychuk and I...Johnny & I...again....with Action Figure!
Johnny Boychuk and I....Merry Christmas Johnny! I made a "Johnny Boychuk Action Figure" as a Christmas present for Johnny. I think he really liked it! Hmm....who will I make one for next?

Wade Davis, Brandon Segal, and IDenis Sergeev and JodyOwen Fussey signing Jody's gloves
Wade, Brandon, Denis, and Owen

Tyler Beechy, Owen Fussey, and I...the two fastest skaters I've ever seen!Jody looking extremely pleased that Sebastien Laplante is signing his glove!Sebastien Laplante and I
Tyler, Owen, Sebastien

Tyler Beechey signing Jodys gloveLance Morrison signing the gloveLance Morrison and I
Tyler and Lance

Sebastien Laplante signing the girls' skates"The Two Ryans" and I
Sebastien, and "the Two Ryans"

Michael Bubnick signing Jody's gloveDenis Sergeev and I
Michael and Denis

Coach Richard Kromm signing Jodys gloveRyan Getzlaf signing Jody's glove
Coach Richard, and Ryan

Art photo, entitled "I'm Falling!"

Chad Wolkowski signing the gloveJody in "da Box"...5 for Fighting
Chad, and Jody being bad.

Coach Kromm and Asst Coach Jeff Maher and IKyle Annesley and IKyle signing Jody's glove
Richard and Jeff, Kyle

Jared Carli with a twisted ankle, and IMark Shefchyk signing Jody's glove
Jared, and Mark

Mark Shefchyk , Brandon Segal and I...what's Mark thinkin'?Dan Ehrman, Ryan Papaioannou, and I
Mark, Brandon, Dan and Ryan.

Mike Egener, Dan Ehrman...the VERY TALL defensemen!Dan Ehrman signing Jody's glove
Mike and Dan. Holy smokes are they TALL!

Mike Egener signing Jody's gloveRob Smith signing Jody's glove
Mike and Rob.

Rob Smith and IAdam Breitkreuz signing the glove
Rob and Adam.

Adam Breitkreuz and IBrent Krahn and I....this'll be Brent's last year in a Hitmen jersey
Adam, and Brent.

"Jerseys at Christmastime"

Me at centre ice...waiting for the faceoff....and waiting....
Me at centre ice, waiting for the faceoff....and waiting...and waiting....

"The Ryan Martin Ice train"Ryan Papaioannou signing the glove
"The Ryan Martin Train", and Ryan Papaioannou

Dan Cezar, Sebastien, Paul Albers, Charla, and Johnny!
Dan Cezar, Sebastien, Paul, Charla, and Johnny!

Rob Smith and Brandon Segal scrappin'!  2 minutes for roughing!Michael Murray the Trainer and I
Rob and Brandon scrappin', and Mike Murray the Trainer.

Ryan Martin signing Jody's glove
Ryan Martin signing Jody's glove.

Michael Bubnick and IMe coming out of the chute!
Michael Bubnick, and me comin' out of the chute.

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