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March 31, 2002 - After the last home game of the First Round of the Playoffs

The Hitmen had just beaten Swift Current BADLY and I had 3 action figures for three of the players who had scored over 40 goals this season: Tyler Beechey, Owen Fussey, and Brandon Segal. WAY TO GO GUYS! Jody & I waited by the stage door of the saddledome for the guys to come out.


Me with the three 40+ goal scorers' figures!Jody & I waiting by the "stage" door at the dome for the players.
Me with the 3 figures, and Jody wearing my got frickin' cold waiting outside after the game!

The "Hardcore Fans" like the figures too!
The "Hardcore Fans" like the figures too!

Johnny & I.Johnny's Mom, Johnny and I.
I had a chat with Johnny Boychuk and his Mom. His Mom really liked the figures, but Johnny wouldn't let her have his figure!

"See-bas" and I chatting about the game.
Sebastien & I chatting about today's game. WAY TO GO SEE-BAS! Wicked saves today! He had like 30 saves today!
Sebastien got his action figure back on his 20th birthday.

Careful of Brandon's thumb!I think Brandon likes his figure!
The first recipient of a figure today...Brandon Segal. Some of his family was with him too, and I think he really liked his action figure! He was showing it off to his family/friends who were with him. YAY! Way to go "Seegs"!! Hope your thumb heals up fast! (Yuck, there was blood everywhere!)
Here's a closeup of Brandon's figure.

The second recipient of a figure today....Owen Fussey. He is one of the hardest working forwards on the team, but doesn't seem to get much glory. He has a lot of speed and finesse. And in this picture, HE ALMOST SMILES! Good luck in Swift Current "Fuss"!
Here's a closeup of Owen's figure.

Unfortunately, Tyler Beechey left way early after the game, and I missed giving him his figure. Hopefully the guys make it to the second round and I can give it to Tyler after that.

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