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2002/12/3 - The 2002 Hitmen Christmas Skate Party

All in all, it was another very fun Hitmen Christmas party (the second one I've had the privilege of attending). The guys were all in really good spirits even though they had TWO practices that day. This year was WAY busier than last year. Wonder what the "Skate With the Hitmen" night's gonna be like in January.

Special thanks to "my photographer" Jody for taking the photos. One of the few times I'm in front of the camera instead of behind. Thanx "Bing"!

Giving Rob Smith his action figure...I think "Robbie" REALLY liked it!

Me giving Johnny his 2002 Allstar action figure and Hitmen-mini-radio-controlled-car. I hope he liked the car!

Giving Owen his 2002 Allstar action figure

Owen's always so serious....and me too.....NOT!

Giving Brandon his 2002 Allstar action figure . He looks like he REALLY liked it too!

Charla & me hamming it up on the ice. (Nice pose Charla! You're so graceful!) And can I just say that Charla is a total sweetheart!! (especially since she puts up with all my Hitmen-fan-craziness!)

Richard Mueller & me...Richard is a great addition to the team...I think he'll be a leader. Welcome to the team Richard! I gave Richard his own Hitmen Hockey card since they left him out of the original packs.

Gerry Festa & I. Gerry hasn't really shown us what he can do yet on the ice. Gerry also recieved his own Hitmen Hockey card, again because he was missing from the original packs.

"Robbie" signing my autographed program that I won. For some reason it was missing a couple of autographs.

Gerry signing my program. Wade and I. Not sure why I'm lookin' so serious. Wade used to collect Hockey action figures. Hmm....wonder if I should make him one?

Me with a some of our new "rookies": Andy, Tyler, Jeff, and Steve. Welcome to the team guys!

A couple more of our new guys this year: Jiri, myself (not new), and Gary.

And yet a couple more of our new "giants": Kris and Aaron. Man they're TALL!

"Freddie", Patrick & me....and DOH! Who is that stickin' their head in??

Lance, lookin' tan and blonde...(and me not!). And then there's "Egg" and I. (he gets taller every year!)
Mike won the first annual Humanitarian award this year. Great job Mike!

Paul and I. Brandon, me, and the dwarf between the "two towers".

Me grimacing in reaction to Kyle's story of how he wrecked his shoulder. Get well soon Kyle!

"Getz" and me. What does this guy eat? He's into the stratosphere!

Me in "da box". 2 minutes for wearing the wrong jersey! (However you will notice in other pictures that I am wearing the 3rd jersey...I brought all 3 to the party cuz I didn't know which one the guys would be wearing).

Johnny in "da box". 2 minutes for grinning too wide!

Some of the guys "hangin' around"...
Thanx Johnny for getting the guys together for this shot.



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