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2003/01/10 - Giving Fredrik Sjostrom his Team Sweden Action Figure

This year "Freddie" participated in the 2003 World Junior Championships in Halifax, Nova Scotia for Team Sweden. He did an excellent job! To commemorate his achievement, I made him a Team Sweden action figure.

What REALLY rocked about Freddie's comeback to Calgary was he scored the first goal against Prince Albert on his first game back in Calgary. This lit the fire under the rest of the team and they then proceeded to a 3-1 victory over the Raiders.

Fredrik Sjostrom's one-of-a-kind Team Sweden Action Figure

Me with Freddie's figurePresenting Freddie his Team Svenska figureLooks like he really likes it!Me, Freddie, and Patrick Wellar, the new captainFreddie & I walking out chatting about the game.


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