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2003/01/10 - Giving Wade Davis his Hitmen Action Figure

At the Hitmen Christmas party, Wade told me that when he was a kid, he used to collect hockey action figures like the ones that I put together. When he got traded to the Kamloops Blazers, I thought it would be a nice going away present for him since he never got a figure before. Luckily I was able to meet Wade after his first game in Calgary as a Kamloops Blazer to give him his figure.

I also discovered a weird coincidence about Wade an my family...Wade's family lived in Lytton, BC when Wade was born. His folks had to drive to Kamloops from Lytton to give birth to Wade. The reason that this is a weird coincidence is that my dad grew up in Lytton, BC. Lytton is a VERY small town in the interior of BC where the Thompson meets the Fraser River. Wade's parents were there with him after the game, but they hadn't heard of the Hallisey family. Different eras. The Hallisey's had left Lytton long before the Davis' had arrived.

Wade Davis' one-of-a-kind Hitmen Action Figure

Explaining to Wade how I put the figure together.Looks like Wade really likes his figure!A photo of me & Wade having our picture taken by another fan.


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