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2003/03/12 - End-of-Season Action Figures

Well, it was the last home game of the season against Red Deer, and we won 3-1!! (Creepily, Jody predicted EXACTLY how the game was going to go...predicted the 3-1 score, and predicted an empty-netter in the last minute of the game).

Anyways, as is becoming my tradition, I make action figures for the "graduating" players and any players who made a significant achievement during the season.

First figure goes to Hitmen graduate Joel Martin. Here's a close-up of his figure.

#2 goes to Ryan Annesley, Kyle Annesley's (#17) brother. Ryan really liked his figure, and he liked the fact that Kyle doesn't have a figure yet.

Figure #3 goes to Aaron Boogaard. This figure was a special edition celebrating his participation on Team Saskatchewan at the 2003 Canada Winter Games. Way to go Aaron! I also made Aaron a Team Saskatchewan special hockey card.

Richard Mueller got his figure next. I'm really gonna miss Richard. His speed and finess on the ice was a joy to watch. When he turns on the gas, watch him go!

Andy Rogers got the next figure. Another special edition, this figure celebrates his being a member of Team Alberta who won the GOLD MEDAL at the 2003 Canada Winter Games. Looks like he really likes his figure. I also made him a special Team Alberta hockey card.

And finally, Patrick Wellar gets a figure. Patrick has been an AWESOME captain this year, defending his teammates when appropriate, and showing real leadership on the ice. Plus, Patrick got some great hits this season!

I still have 2 figures to complete for this year....Ryan Getzlaf & Mike Egener for their being chosen for the Top Prospects game a little while ago.


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