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2003/04/01 - Figure for Brent Krahn

When I started attending Hitmen games, the first Hitmen goalie I saw play was Brent Krahn. Brent was "the wall". His natural style, however it had evolved, was amazing to watch. His reflexes were so fast! Nothing got past him. Brent's success got him a contract with the Calgary Flames. YAHOO!!!

Unfortunately, his natural style took a toll on his knee and he had to have it operated on back in 2001.

After the operation, Brent was trained in a new goaltending style that would not stress his knee so much. This new style was not quite as effective as his previous "natural" style. However, Brent still did a great job at keeping the biscuits out.

However, in January 2003, they found a cyst in Brent's knee and had to operate again. At this point, the Hitmen released him. Brent's just about to graduate from his WHL career with the team that he has a lot of history with, and they dump him. In my opinion, this was not a classy move at all. But I guess that's the business-side of hockey.

On April 14, 2003, after Brent had recuperated from this second surgery, he was picked up by the Seattle Thunderbirds. Brent took the Thunderbirds to the playoffs, and they made it all the way to Kelowna. During his stay with the T-birds, Brent established the WHL's second longest-shutout streak! WAY TO GO BRENT!

I can't wait to see Brent come back to Calgary with the Flames. It may be a few years, but I'm sure he'll be great when he's back here!

Brent Krahn's Hitmen Action Figure




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