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2003/12/10 - 2003 Hitmen Christmas Party

Me getting some tips on gift-giving from Santa!Action pose!  Deanne & I reacting to some Hitmen antics!

Deanne & I and Brandon's action figure

First action figure this year went to Mike Egener for getting drafted by the Tampa Bay Lightning this year. Way to go Mike! What a good guy. You'd never think he gets into tons of fights on the ice. Merry Christmas Mike! And congrats on getting drafted.

I think Mike really appreciated his figure.


Some Hitmen antics in front of the video camera.


Second action figure goes to Brandon Segal for scoring his 100th WHL career goal. Quite an achievement since only 4 other players in the history of the Calgary Hitmen have done this.

Brandon's got a good handshake

Third figure goes to Shaun Landolt for getting drafted to the Toronto Maple Leafs this year. Initially, I don't think Shaun quite knew how to react to a gift like this. I think he liked it, but he was very calm and cool about it. I guess he wasn't used to the attention. Anyways, way to go Shaun! Congrats on getting drafted!


And the final action figure went to Ryan Getzlaf this year for his Gold-Medal-winning performance with the Canadian Under-18 Team. Nice work Ryan! I think Ryan's gonna end up with a BUNCH of action figures before his career with the Hitmen is over.

Chatting with Darryl Yakboski

Me & Paul Gentile...what a good guy!

Chatting with Dustin Kohn.  Wish I had his curls...hell, I wish I had hair!

Me & Dmitri Chupilkin...he hasn't got much English, but seems like a good kid.  Spatsiba Dmitri!

Riley Merkley and I chatting during a photo...when will I learn?

Scott Bowles, our backup goalie.  Really nice guy.  I felt dumb cuz I couldn't remember his name initially. Duh!

"Schultzy" & he is TALL!

Steve Covington & I...not sure why he didn't wanna smile.

"Wellsey" and me havin a laugh...he was VERY interested in the action figures I made.  He's already got one.

"Carse" and me...a good defenseman.Mark Rooneem and me.  This guy is FAST.

Me & Gerry Festa, our AWESOME goaltender.  He may be small, but he's got catlike reflexes!

Getz & still talking too much...duh!

Andrew Ladd & I...another one of our new players who's SUPER-fast on the ice and really takes it to the net hard & fast.

Our newest addition to the team...Darryl Moscaluk...we had just traded Kyle Annesley for him.  Really nice guy to talk with.  Welcome to the team Darryl!

Charla & me...Charla's due in January.  She must hate it when people touch her tummy without permission.

Havin' a good laugh...Charla's such a sweetie.  She'll be off on mat leave for about a year.

Me & "Zazz"...Lee Zalasky is a great skater, lotsa a speed, and goes hard to the net.

Once again, the Hitmen Christmas party is one of the highlights of the hockey year for me. What a great and relaxed environment to talk with the players, get photographs and autographs, and just have a good time! Charla & team, well done!

PS: nice to meet you Derek! I look forward to talking with you more about all sorts of Hitmen stuff!


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