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2004/12/15 - Hitmen Christmas Skate

Me with Farley, our new mascot. Hang loose Farley!

Had a number of draft action figures to give to the guys this year:

Action Figure #1 goes to Brett Carson for getting drafted this year to the Carolina Hurricanes (#109, 4th Round)..

Action Figure #2 goes to Andy Rogers for getting drafted to the Tampa Bay Lightning (#30, 1st Round)

Action Figure #3 goes to Steve Covington for getting drafted by the Detroit Red Wings (#226, 7th Round)

Action figure #4 goes to Jeff Schultz for getting drafted to the Washington Capitals (#27, 1st Round)

Action Figure #5 goes to Andrew Ladd for being drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes (#4, 1st round). However, we was playing at the World Junior Championships with Ryan Getzlaf (where they won GOLD!). I did get to give him his figure on Feb 25. Here's the pics from that.

This year we had to go to another event right afterwards, so I wasn't able to get my usual photo with each player this year. Perhaps next year we'll have more time and no conflicting events to worry about.


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