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2005 Christmas Skate With The Hitmen

This year, the Season's Ticket Holder Christmas Skate was not very well publicized, so there were maybe 50 or 60 people on the ice with the players this year. We had a great time talking with the players, having a good skate, and getting some photos.

Larock's first time on skates for .... a long time.

Brodie "Moose" Dupont gets his Draft Action Figure.


Lukas Vantuch gets his Draft Action Figure.

Dustin "Kohnner" Kohn gets his Draft Action figure.


Me chatting with Keegan "Keegs" Dansereau.

LB trying to keep Larock from falling.

Larock chatting with Kohnner, and admiring his action figure.

LB, Dan Spence - Hitmen Goalie - and Larock.

LB and Farley!

Me and Farley! Hang loose man!

Me with Carse, Kohnner, and Covey.

A nice figure skating pose from me and Larock.

LB getting smashed into the boards by Larock.

... and then I get a turn.

Me, LB, Moose, Larock, Dylan Yeo, and Kohnner.

Bums up!

Me chatting with Ryan "Whitey" White and Karl Alzner.

Karl, Whitey, Me and Craig Lineker.

LB jerseying me and then beating me up.

Bing and LB havin fun!

LB givin' Bing what-for!



Nice figures LB!

Mike Reich and I.

Larock and LB spinning like crazy.

LB must have gotten scared after the spinning or something...

The guys hanging out at the bench chatting.

Karl, Isaac Reid, Covey, Carse, and Moose.


Final shot of us at the dome....the ice was all ours!....well for a couple minutes anyways.




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